Since 1957, Evans Cabinet Corporation has crafted durable, severe use cabinets that the affordable housing industry relies upon. In 2019, Evans began a series of positive growth movements that ensure continued and improved success, including a new streamlined conveyor system and its state-of-the-art Prima Cello paint system, as well as a return of family management that renewed the brand to profitability. 

Founder Clyde Evans named his son, Brent, as CEO. Brent brings over 40 years experience in the industry as well as a seamless working relationship with production manager, Sammy Coley. Sammy continues to improve quality and production with over 35 years experience at Evans. 
The team is joined by Tammy Morrison, former CFO of Lifetime Cabinet, Trenee Boyd, former HR manager of Lifetime Cabinet, and Joe Birch, former finish supervisor of Lifetime cabinet. The experience of the seasoned team will ensure the entire production process from initial contract, to design development, to build. 

We begin 2020 with over a dozen contracts already entering the production chain, a current 5:1 financial ratio, and a renewed commitment to service our longtime client in addition to the new clients we are adding weekly.

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